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Foreign Information by Country (Univ Colorado at Boulder)

Foreign Information by Country (Univ Colorado at Boulder) – http://libguides.colorado.edu/CountryResearch

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • Where can I find official government websites for Haiti?
  • Where are the World Heritage Sites in Laos?
  • What are the basics for Americans wishing to conduct business in Oman?


The University of Colorado at Boulder has put together an impressive set of “Country and Territory Guides.” This would be a great site for people who feel the US Federal Government has a jaundiced view of some countries as UC Boulder draws its country backgrounds from several national and international governmental organizations. When available it also links directly to a country’s official web presence.

Each of the guides is divided into the following sections:

  • Government Information – websites from the country’s government.English language websites provided when they exist.
  • Country Profiles – Drawn from multiple governments including Australia, UK, United Nations and nongovernmental organizations.
  • Articles and Databases
  • Diplomatic Relations
  • Health
  • Peacekeeping & Military Information
  • Resources in the Catalog
  • Related Topics – Guides of border countries and related topics.

Because the CU Boulder guides link to outside resources, be prepared to do some extra digging. You won’t get instant answers as you would with Background Notes or Country Studies. You will get a broader and often more current view of a country with this resource.


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