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Northwest Native Plant Guide

Northwest Native Plant Guide – http://green.kingcounty.gov/gonative/

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • How can I use windstorm debris for plants?
  • What might a character plant to discourage deer?
  • What does a paper birch tree look like?


This Seattle area guide is focused on getting people to use native plants in their landscaping. Two notable resources from this site are “find a native plant” and “How to Articles.”

The Find a Native Plant section has plant images and can browsed or searched. The database is searched by plant type, moisture requirements, exposure requirements, general (including aggressive, fire-resistant, fruit, spreading), color, growing habit, and wildlife (attract birds and butterflies). Plant records include images, size of plant, description and keywords. Some records links to articles. For instance, the entry for black gooseberry links to the article deer resistant plants.

The “How To Articles” focus on different gardening practices and might be helpful for depicting characters who garden or who need to deter deer or paper wasps.


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