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Marine Corps History Division

Marine Corps History Division – https://www.mcu.usmc.mil/historydivision/SitePages/Home.aspx/

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What was the official name for the evacuation of Saigon?
  • Where can I read about the real “Pappy Boyington” of Baa Baa Black Sheep?
  • Where and how did the US first occupy Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?


Online repository of US Marine Corps history materials. The site is split into a number of sections including:

Publications and Fortitudine Bulletin – A listing of USMC history monographs written since 1920. Arranged by year and by topic. This section also hosts the Fortitudine Bulletin, the newsletter of the History Division. Articles vary from 1-4 pages. No apparent index, but see search tip below.

Frequently Requested – A few dozen items of perceived high interest, including Battle Honors of the Six Marine Divisions in WWII, Famous Quotes, Navajo Code Talkers, Marine Corps Military Service (Serial) Numbers and Recruit Platoon Photos and Yearbooks.

Historical Documents, Orders and Speeches – Founding documents of the US Marine Corps, Executive Order desegregating the armed forces, and more. (Found under Frequently Requested in site menu bar.)

Customs and Traditions – Explanations of the Marine Corps practices and symbols. (Found under Frequently Requested in site menu bar.) 

Search Tip:

Fortitudine Bulletin can be searched through Google and most other search engines by using a search in the form of [ (search terms) inurl:historydivision/Documents/Fortitudine]. For example, searching [pappy inurl:historydivision/Documents/Fortitudine] brings up 15 items, including an issue of Fortitudine Bulletin with an obituary for Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, inspiration for the 1970s NBC TV series Black Sheep Squadron.


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