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[Armed Forces] Autopsy Manual (1981)

[Armed Forces] Autopsy Manual (1981) [Army – 8-300, Navy – NAVMED P-5065, Air Force AFM 160-19] – http://www.med.navy.mil/directives/Pub/5065.pdf

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What does a chain of custody sheet look like?
  • What’s the distinction between “cause of death” and “manner of death?”
  • What’s the proper way to dissect a heart?
  • How should one remove a brain for examination?
  • What sort of supplies should you expect to find in an autopsy room?


This is an all-service manual for autopsy procedures. This 130 page guide is broken up into these seven chapters plus appendices

  • Introduction
  • Technique of the autopsy (including organ removal)
  • Pediatric autopsies with special reference to infants and fetuses
  • Aircraft accident autopsies
  • Special procedures (including photography and the handling radioactive cadavers and specimens)
  • Objectives of the medicolegal autopsy
  • Selection and preservation of tissues for further study and museum purposes
  • Appendix A – References
  • Appendix B – Equipment and supplies
  • Appendix C – Tables of average weights and measurements

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