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Knowledge – Official Safety Magazine of the US Army

Knowledge – Official Safety Magazine of the US Army – https://safety.army.mil/MEDIA/Knowledge.aspx  (Link down 9/8/17, webmaster notified)

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What accidents seem typical in the Army?
  • How does the Army teach safety in various areas?
  • Why don’t more soliders wear their seatbelts?
  • What sorts of Army accidents can result in a broken leg?


2014 Update: This magazine seems to have been reformatted as a database and it now has its own search engine, but most of what’s below still applies. 

This monthly magazine covers military and civilian safety topics, often illustrated with accident stories. Stories published in 2011 included:

  • Just a Short Detour (Winter driving in unfamiliar territory)
  • Operator Distraction on the Airfield (Dangers of Texting)
  • Death in the High Country (ATV and backcountry safety)
  • Avoid ‘Smelling the Barn’ (Ammunition accident)

One of the last sections in every issue is “Accident briefs” which provide one to three  sentence descriptions of accidents that includes aviation mishaps by type of aircraft.

This magazine might generate story ideas or provide back story for military characters:

Search Tip:

If you are looking for a type of injury or class of accident, use this search in your favorite search engine:

[search words] iinurl:safety.army.mil/Media/Knowledge/

“broken leg”, “third degree burns”, “killed”, “crash”and “helicopter” seem to yield useful results.


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