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An Annotated Bibliography of the United States Marines in the Civil War.

An Annotated Bibliography of the United States Marines in the Civil War. D. Michael O’Quinlivan. 1963. 11 pp. 1968 rev. ed. Rowland P. Gill. 15 pp. Reprint 1983.
(Print – http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/654139454)

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • Where can I find material about Confederate Marines?
  • When was the USS Underwriter attacked?
  • What were the uniforms and equipment of Confederate Marines?
  • How did Union Marines capture New Orleans?


From the introduction to this 18 page document:

The list which follows consists basically of published materials, both primary and secondary, dealing specifically with the Marines of both sides in the Civil War. For contextual reference, however, a number of general works have been included as well. The annotation “notes” indicates that the publication is documented as to research sources; “bibliog.” indicates that a bibliography of research materials is appended.

This bibliography provides citations to a number of resources on the Confederate Marines, including accounts of battles where both Confederate and Union Marines took part.

Annotations run from one to three sentences. Most items should be obtainable from your local library via interlibrary loan.


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