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Spanish American War (Navy Department Library)

Spanish American War (Navy Department Library) – http://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/wars-conflicts-and-operations/spanish-american-war.html

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What was the state of the US Navy in 1898?
  • What are some theories as to the destruction of the USS Maine?
  • Where can I learn more about the Cuban Insurrection?


List of resources related to naval operations during the Spanish American War. Some material in this collection of special interest include:

  • Battle of Manila Bay
  • USS Maine, destruction of
  • “War Plans and Preparation and Their Impact on the U.S. Naval Operation in Spanish American War”

The material on the USS Maine describes the several investigations done over the years and links to images of the ship, the Maine’s casualty list and list of survivors. The “War Plans” article provides a good overview of the ups and downs of Navy strength from the Civil War to the time with the War With Spain, including specific force breakdowns.


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