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Coast Guard Photography Page

Coast Guard Photography Page – http://www.uscg.mil/history/CG_Photo_Index.asp

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What did Coast Guard rescue ships look like in World War II?
  • What role did horses play in beach patrols?
  • Where can I find pictures of antisubmarine actions in World War II?


A set of albums covering a number of eras. The albums related to World War II are:

  • Combat Cutters of World War II
  • Rescue Flotilla One at Normandy
  • Beach Patrol in World War II
  • CGC Spencer versus U-175 on 17 April 1943: The Spencer attacked and sank the German submarine U-175 on 17 April 1943 while escorting a convoy across the North Atlantic to Great Britain. Combat photographers captured the entire action on film, including the dramatic rescue of 41 of the U-boat’s survivors.
  • CGC Argo accepted the surrender of three U-boats: U-234, U805, & U-873 in May, 1945.
  • The Coast Guard at Pearl Harbor
  • D-Day: The Coast Guard at Normandy, 6 June 1944
  • The Coast Guard & the World War II Pacific Campaign

Photos will usually include captions. Some albums will come with an introduction up to a few paragraphs.


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