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U.S. Air Force’s First War: Korea 1950-1953 Significant Events

U.S. Air Force’s First War: Korea 1950-1953 Significant Events

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • When did US intelligence find vital parts from a MIG 15?
  • How many sorties did the Fifth Air Force run in April 1951?
  • What was the effect of the first attack against previously excluded irrigation dams on May 13, 1953?


From the preface:

The chronology points out the relationship of these operations to the land battle, naval operations, and important political and diplomatic events. It also identifies such USAF historical firsts as the first all-jet air battle, the introduction of new weapons systems, and the initiation of tactics, techniques, or procedures that had a major impact on later air operations. The chronology also identifies important people, such as key commanders, recipients of the Medal of Honor, and aces. Finally, it attempts to summarize those USAF events in Korea that best illustrate the air war and the application of airpower in the theater.

The chronology offers a monthly summary, then a listing of daily events.


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