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U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography

U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography. Maj Charles D. Melson, USMC (Ret), Evelyn A. Englander and Capt David A. Dawson, USMC. 1992. 258 pp.

(Paper: http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/27257737)

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What was the state and thinking of the Marine Corps the day before Iraq invaded Kuwait?
  • What was involved in getting US forces supplied and sent to the Middle East?
  • What joint training was done with Saudi Forces prior to the opening of Desert Storm?
  • How did some US servicemembers view their service in Kuwait and Iraq?


From the foreward:

The 26 entries comprising this anthology provide a general overview of Marine involvement in the Persian Gulf conflict. The first five focus on the Marine Corps’ contribution to the American effort to defend Saudi Arabia–Operation Desert Shield. The second group concentrates on the Marine Corps’ role in the liberation of Kuwait–Operation Desert Storm. Within these two sections, the entries have been organized to progress from the highest level of organization, the Marine Expeditionary’ Force, to the lowest, the platoon, squad, and individual Marine. The last three entries deal with the aftermath of the war, and issues raised during the war. Also included is an appendix consisting of an annotated bibliography of articles that appeared in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Marine Corps Gazette, and Naval War College Review, from October 1990 to December 1991. While excellent articles pertaining to the Persian Gulf have been published in many other periodicals, due to the limitations of time and resources the History and Museums Division confined its attention to the three aforementioned publications. Finally, two additional appendices, one showing the task organization of I Marine Expeditionary Force in February 1991 and another giving a chronology of significant events involving Marines in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to June 1991, have been included.

There are a number of maps and photos in the anthology, though no finding aid is offered and no general index is available. The Table of Contents is descriptive enough for a writer to locate an article on a subject of interest. Most of the articles in the anthology section are under copyright protection. The writer should still find them useful in obtaining background on the Persian Gulf War.

The bibliography begins on page 250 of the PDF file (p. 239 in paper). The entries are alphabetical by author with no effort at a subject organization. Most entries are annotated with a single sentence, but some entries have up to a full paragraph.


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