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Women Pilots with the AAF, 1941-1944

Women Pilots with the AAF, 1941-1944, by J. Merton England and Joseph Reither (1946). 122 pages. – http://www.afhra.af.mil/Portals/16/documents/Studies/51-100/AFD-090529-109.pdf

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • When did women pilots start to fly with Army Air Forces (AAF)?
  • How were women pilots trained and did it differ from the training offered to men?
  • What tasks did women pilots perform?
  • How were women pilots perceived by their male counterparts and commanding officers?
  • When was the program of allowing women pilots terminated?


From the introduction:

This study describes the adoption of the program, the training of women pilots, the uses made of them, and the attempt to incorporate them into the Army. In connection with these topics, consideration is given to the administration of the program–including the differing ideas about how many women pilots there should be, how they should be organized, and how they should be directed.

The main text of the work is followed by a glossary, a bibliographical note, an appendix featuring commentary from reviewers and an index.


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