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Coast Guard Boston Decedent Affairs pages

Coast Guard Boston Decedent Affairs pages –http://www.dcms.uscg.mil/dcms.uscg.afpims.mil/Our-Organization/Director-of-Operational-Logistics-DOL/Bases/Base-Boston/Personnel-Support-Department/Decedent-Affairs/

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What seven things MUST be reported within FOUR hours of the death of a Coast Guard Member?
  • What must be documented by the officer notifying next of kin of the death of a Coast Guard Member?
  • Under what circumstances must a next of kin receive a visit from a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO)?
  • What happens during a Coast Guard CACO notification visit?
  • How many people are sent to visit next of kin?


Provides information on procedures followed by the Coast Guard and other military services when an active duty member or dependent dies.

Links to the following resources, among others:

  • Statement of Disposition of Remains – States reimbursement maximums for internment of a military member.
  • CACO Handbook – Reference for Casualty Assistance Calls Officers
  • Casualty Assistance Guide – Reference for Next of Kin upon death of an active duty member
  • Checklist for DAO’s and CACO’s – For death of a regular or reserve member
  • Checklist for Dependent Death
  • CACO Actions broken into phases A through D – Actions/documents to review broken down into 4 time periods from notification to 2 months after death, many tabs in document.
  • Veterans Affairs – Burials and Memorials
  • Personnel Casualty Report Message – Reference to assist with writing message.
  • Personal Effects Inventory and Disposition – Sample Form CG-3853.

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