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National Security Archive Torture Archive

National Security Archive Torture Archive – http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/torture_archive/index.htm

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What is short shackling?
  • How were lawyers allowed to interact with their clients at Gitmo?
  • How did Communists torture and indoctrinate their prisoners?


This site consists of a documents archive, discussed below and introductory material on US torture, including a video documentary and transcript. The heart of the site is the documents archive.

The Torture Archive is a searchable by a number of fields, including keywords, title, date, origin, from, to, document type, document number, name, location of original, releasing agency and key document.

The Torture Archive is also browsable by titles, creators, recipients, individuals, organizations, dates, Document Type (see especially sworn statements) and key documents.

The Archive’s documents mostly overlap the documents from the ACLU, but this seems like a better search interface. The search tips discussed for the ACLU documents should work here.


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