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Program and Emphasis Areas for IRS Criminal Investigation

Program and Emphasis Areas for IRS Criminal Investigation – http://www.irs.gov/uac/Program-and-Emphasis-Areas-for-IRS-Criminal-Investigation

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • Why is the IRS involved with narcotics investigation?
  • What are some signs of an abusive tax scheme?
  • Where can I find examples of healthcare billing fraud?


This is an overview of the types of investigations that the Internal Revenue Service gets involved in. Clicking on the title of a section brings you to a fact sheet with a more detailed overview of that fraud topic, statistical information on the occurrence of the fraud, and most helpfully for writers, examples of cases of that particular type of fraud. The types of investigations are:


  • Abusive Return Preparer Enforcement
  • Abusive Tax Schemes
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Employment Tax Enforcement
  • Financial Institution Fraud
  • Gaming
  • General Fraud Investigations
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Identity Theft Schemes
  • Insurance Fraud
  • International Investigations
  • Money Laundry & Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
  • Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud
  • Narcotics-Related Investigation
  • Nonfiler Enforcement
  • Public Corruption Crimes
  • Questionable Refund Program (QRP)

Here’s a summary of one of the IRS narcotics investigations:

Seven St. Croix Men Sentenced for Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking

On December 2, 2011, in St. Croix, V.I., seven defendants were sentenced for money laundering and drug trafficking. In March 2011, Lionel Fawkes, Christopher Alfred, Shango Allick, David Clouden, Marcelino Garcia, Jamaal Maragh and Jamal Young were found guilty of numerous counts of money laundering. Additionally, all of these defendants, except Maragh, were convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and Fawkes only, of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. The evidence at trial disclosed a drug trafficking organization operating in Fairbanks, Alaska, that was supplied with narcotics from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Cocaine and crack cocaine were sent, usually via Express Mail parcels, from St. Croix to Fairbanks. Members of the organization in Alaska then distributed the narcotics in Alaska for significant financial profit. Some of the illegal drug proceeds were then sent back to St. Croix, via Western Union wire transfers and money orders. Documentation uncovered showed at least 167 wire transfers and money orders were sent between St. Croix and Fairbanks, totaling approximately $307,849.


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