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US Extradition Procedures from DOJ

US Extradition Procedures from DOJ – http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/foia_reading_room/usam/title9/15mcrm.htm

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What are are some alternatives to extradition?
  • What paperwork is required to extradite someone from overseas?
  • What is an Interpol Red Notice and how can it be helpful in extradition cases?


This section of the larger Criminal Resource Manual spells out procedures and policies followed in both requesting extradition of individuals from foreign countries and in responding to foreign country requests for extradition. The manual is divided into the following section:

  • 9-15.100 Definition and General Principles
  • 9-15.200 Procedures For Requesting Extradition From Abroad
  • 9-15.210 Role of the Office of International Affairs
  • 9-15.220 Determination of Extraditability
  • 9-15.225 Procedure When Fugitive is Non-Extraditable
  • 9-15.230 Request for Provisional Arrest
  • 9-15.240 Documents Required in Support of Request for Extradition
  • 9-15.250 Procedure After Assembling Documents
  • 9-15.300 Procedure in the Foreign Country
  • 9-15.400 Return of the Fugitive
  • 9-15.500 Post Extradition Considerations—Limitations on Further Prosecution
  • 9-15.600 Alternatives To Extradition
  • 9-15.610 Deportations, Expulsions, or other Extraordinary Renditions
  • 9-15.620 Extradition From a Third Country
  • 9-15.630 Lures (Getting the fugitive to go to the United States or a third country with an extradition treaty.)
  • 9-15.635 Interpol Red Notices (Closest thing to international arrest warrants.)
  • 9-15.640 Revocation of United States Passports
  • 9-15.650 Foreign Prosecution
  • 9-15.700 Foreign Extradition Requests
  • 9-15.800 Plea Agreements and Related Matters—Prohibition

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