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Civil Service Officer Job Categories (State Department)

Civil Service Officer Job Categories (State Department) – http://careers.state.gov/work

2014 Update – The State Department reorganized their employment site. Click on the geography and type of work you’re interested in and you see should more specific job categories. 

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What types of positions are filled by Civil Service Officers?
  • Would a Civil Service Officer be likely to be an ambassador?
  • What is involved in a background investigation and how long might it take?


Brief summaries of State Department careers through the US-based civil Service. The job categories listed are:

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Personnel Management
  • Management Analysis
  • General Accounting and Administration
  • Budget Administration
  • Legal Counsel
  • Passport Visa Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Contract Procurement
  • Information Technology Management

This page also links to these related sections:

  • Where We Work
  • Who We Look For
  • Selection Process
  • Vacancy Announcements
  • Benefits

You may find the Vacancy Announcements section valuable for details on duties of different types of civil service officers.


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