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National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Research Autopsy Pathology Rotation

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Research Autopsy Pathology Rotation (http://home.ccr.cancer.gov/LOP/intranet/ResidentsManual/sect4autopat.asp)
UPDATE: Checked on 6/29/17, this resource was not found.  Will be checking for new links or similar resources.

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What organs need to be weighed after death in the course of an autopsy?
  • What hours can a typical autopsy resident expect to work?
  • What is the relationship between a junior resident and a senior resident?


A procedures guides to residents working in the NCI autopsy department. Mix of administrative and how-to materials including:

  • Hours and Rotation on Autopsy Service
  • Autopsy Responsibilities for Residents During Other Rotations
  • Work-up and Sign-Out
  • Instructions for Dictation of Autopsy Reports
  • Delinquent Autopsies (Autopsies Older Than 60 days)
  • Gross Examination – Outline of Basic Method, to be modified as needed for individual cases
  • Safety Considerations

Although this is not for a criminal morgue, many procedures are similar.

For more on autopsy procedures, see Everything and Everyone Dies.



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