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1968 M16 Comic Book Maintenance Manual

1968 M16 comic book maintenance manual – http://www.ep.tc/problems/25/index.html

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What is the correct way to disassemble, then reassemble your character’s M16?
  • What should your character do if her M16 jams?
  • What does LSA stand for, and how does it help your character’s M16?
  • What are some ways to keep your character’s ammo magazines dry?


This particular maintenance guide was put together by Will Eisner. It does offer very specific and seemingly easy to follow guidance on maintaining a weapon and will familiarize you and your character with M16 parts and common problems.

Be cautioned that it is a product of its times and plays on racial (Vietnamese) and gender stereotypes to drum up interest for the army guys that were reading it.


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