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Coast Guard Enlisted Opportunities

Coast Guard Enlisted Opportunities – http://www.gocoastguard.com/find-your-career/enlisted-opportunities

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What are the duties of a Maritime Enforcement Specialist?
  • What training is given to a Damage Controlman?
  • What sorts of jobs could a Aviation Survival Technician look forward to in the private sector?


Browsable list of jobs (ratings) available as an enlisted member of the Coast Guard. Each job will have photos of the specialist at work and sometimes a video. Each job listing will also include the following sections:

  • Related Civilian Jobs
  • Types of Collateral Duty
  • Training Available
  • Qualifications

The enlisted opportunities section also has overarching sections on

  • Advancement
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Basic Training
  • Where You Can Serve
  • How to Join
  • Prior Service Process
  • Enlisted FAQs

This site also links to officer opportunities, but those are not nearly as well defined. But this resource should help ensure that your CG characters have the right background and skill set for the jobs you’ve placed them in.


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