Writer's Guide to Government Information

Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction

Navy Fact File

Navy Fact File – http://www.navy.mil/navydata/fact.asp

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • When was the first Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) first deployed?
  • What is the explosive capacity of a MK 54 torpedo?
  • What is the sleeve insignia of a Navy Captain?


This is the place to go to put your sailor on a ship and provision him with weapons. This site is a series of one page fact sheets broken down into the following topics:

  • Aircraft, Fixed Wing
  • Aircraft, Rotary Wing
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Training Targets
  • Guns, Weapons Systems
  • Missiles
  • People
  • Submarines
  • Surface Ships
  • Underwater Search and Recovery Equipment
  • Naval Fleet Auxilliary Force (NFAF)
  • Special Mission Ships
  • Prepositioning Ships
  • Sealift Ships
  • Ready Reserve Forces

Some of the fact sheets of pictures of the ship or weapon they are describing. They will usually list physical dimensions and weight and include a point of contact for more information.

The People section is the home of a page on Navy Rank (officer) and Rate (enlisted). See http://www.navy.mil/navydata/ranks/rankrate.html for a direct link. You can get extra accuracy points in your story if you refer to the “Rate” of a Chief Petty Officer instead of his rank.


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