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US Air Force Fact Sheets

US Air Force Fact Sheets – http://www.af.mil/AboutUs/FactSheets.aspx

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • Who are the Guardian Angels of the US Air Force?
  • How heavy is an AIM-9 Sidewinder?
  • What are the functions of the Air Force Petroleum Agency?


The Air Force, like its sister services, shares information on weapons systems on this site, but there is more. This is like a complete reference to the US Air Force. You may browse fact sheets by alphabet or search using keyword and/or type. Search results may be sorted date or title.

The aircraft and weapons factsheets include a photo of the item under discussion, along with mission, Features, Background, General Characteristics (including unit cost in some cases), and point of contact. 

The experimental systems include the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, which is the first resuable orbiter since the Space Shuttle. In 2010, it orbited the Earth for 224 days in orbit before landing autonomously on a landing strip at Vandenberg AFB in California.


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