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Site Transition: Meet Your New Host

For quite some time now, I (Daniel) know I have not put maintenance or promotional energy into this site that it deserves. Partly that’s because I run this resource in my spare time. My job description has not included government information since 2007 and so I never sought work support for this project. In addition, I have other projects and lifelong learning opportunities going on. The result has been you getting the leftovers of my focus and energy. You writers and readers deserve more.

So several weeks ago, I made the choice of seeking a new owner for the Writer’s Guide to Government Information. Today I’m happy to announce that not only does the Writer’s Guide have a new owner, but one with institutional support!

The new owner is Kari Mofford, Undergraduate and User Services Librarian of the Claire T. Carney Library at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. In addition to having the support of her dean for this project, Kari is also liaison to the English department at her school. This puts her in a great position to do outreach to the writing community.

Although not a government information librarian herself, she has really enjoyed the resources she’s found in the Writer’s guide, and is committed to maintaining the site and sharing her discoveries.

I’m going to be in the background for as long as Kari finds me useful, but this is her site and her show now. In the next few weeks Kari will be posting announcements about the site’s future direction. I imagine she will also be soliciting your input on how the Writer’s Guide can be made even more useful than it is now. I look forward to seeing the direction she takes it in. I hope you will too.



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