Writer's Guide to Government Information

Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction

Hello from Kari Mofford

I am honored to be the new owner of this blog and a big thank you to Daniel for creating such a wonderful resource as well as for all his current (and future) help.

A little about me…I have been an academic librarian for almost 20 years with experience in reference/instruction, interlibrary loan, acquisitions, and access services.  I am currently the Undergraduate and User Services Librarian and Chair of the Access Services Department at UMass Dartmouth.  I am also subject liaison to English Composition.  My colleague and I run a dystopian/science fiction book club here at the library for faculty, staff, and students.  Other interests are backyard beekeeping with my husband and teaching yoga part-time on campus.

I am an avid reader, but actually “listener” might be more precise as I have a considerable commute and make the most of this time with audiobooks.  My fiction tastes have run from gamut over the years with a strong emphasis on fantasy/science fiction/dystopian fiction and lately I have been enjoying mystery cozies.  My TV tastes tend to run in the same direction…Buffy probably being my all-time favorite.

So while I love being immersed in a wonderful story…it only takes a one incorrect fact to pull you out of that state and the experience is completely altered.  This is what I loved about this blog, not to mention the mission to use government information, which appeals to my information literacy side.  And I very much appreciate the astronomy section of this blog, as my first job after college was part-time at Sky & Telescope Magazine and part-time in the library at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

This is my first blog, so I will be taking time this summer to really analyze the material and start planning how I want it to move forward.  In the beekeeper world, this would be akin to starting off with a nucleus hive (something already established… a mini version of a hive) as opposed to a package of bees that you put in an empty hive with just foundation frames for them to build out.  See “Basic Beekeeping Techniques” under  https://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/beekeeping to learn more about starting a hive.

I want to find the best way to proceed that will both honor the original mission while exploring new ways to grow.  This will take time, so please be patient with me as I start this journey.  I look forward to working with Daniel and I welcome your feedback or ideas…so please contact me…Really.  🙂


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