Writer's Guide to Government Information

Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction

Blog Update: New Site Launching Today!

Last year I adopted the “Writer’s Guide to Government Information: Resources to Inject Real Life Detail into Your Fiction” from Daniel Cornwall.  I spent several months reading, editing, and fixing links in order to get to know my new site.

Because Mr. Cornwall’s site was so personalized, it was difficult for me to go forward, so I decided I needed to start fresh.  I will be keeping the main premise: presenting amazing government resources for the purpose of fact-checking fiction.  But I decided to change some things with organization and subject matter, so have created a whole new site:

Fiction Writer’s Guide to Reality: Government Information Resources That Provide Facts for Your Fiction

Here are some of the new features:

  • Posts are now organized by how they contribute to the development of characters, settings, plots and themes.
  • A new subject index will allow users to find story inspiration posts on specific topics
  • Resource Shelf will list all sites mentioned in the story inspiration posts for easy access
  • Blog post titles may not always be the main link listed
  • Government Resource News will alert users to new and discontinued sites as well as highlight general use sites
  • Site Graveyard will keep track of resources only available through the Wayback Machine
  • Reference Desk will consolidate much of the information previously in the Appendices section
  • Worked Resources, originally written by Mr. Cornwall, will highlight how one goes through the process of question and finding answered by step-by-step instructions
  • New topics will be explored and others will be expanded with exciting new posts

In addition to new posts, I will be migrating posts from this site for inclusion to the new site after editing/updating, which will bring some great resources back into the limelight for previous subscribers as well as new followers.  Those I take directly from the old site without significant changes, or none at all, will be attributed to Mr. Cornwall.

I am excited to start on a new adventure to find fascinating sources to bring to you and I always welcome your feedback.

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