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Resources to inject real life detail into your fiction

About the Site Creator

Happiness at End of Trail

Daniel Cornwall lives and works in Juneau, Alaska. He is married to a wonderfully understanding woman. He was the creator of this site and ran it till May 2017.

Daniel’s  major qualifications to create a site on government information for fiction writers were:

  • He was a US Federal Depository Library Coordinator from 1999-2007.
  • He ran the Alaska State Publications Program from 1999-2007.
  • He was the project coordinator for the State Agency Databases Project .
  • Daniel participated in NaNoWriMo (as a rebel) in 2010 and 2011 and made his 50,000 words. Actually, this site is drawn from his 2011 manuscript.
  • Daniel was several fiction writers and has provided them with useful resources.

As of May 2017, Daniel was the Internet and Technology Consultant for the Library Development section of the Alaska State Library. More information about Daniel’s professional background can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

When not working, Daniel continues to enjoy hiking, reading (especially science fiction, mystery and most kinds of nonfiction), astronomy (though usually by internet) and any number of science fiction or crime TV shows. 


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