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Navy Careers

Navy Careers  – http://www.navy.com/careers.html

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What are the duties of a Navy photographer?
  • What are the minimum qualifications for an Aviation Rescue Swimmer?
  • What training is required of a Naval Reactor Engineer?


From the website,

This section offers a deep-dive into Navy career opportunities, providing useful job descriptions with breakdowns of everything from requirements and responsibilities to prospects for advancement and educational programs related to your field of interest. Not sure what the right career path is? Our Life Ops tool asks a few questions, then helps you decide.

Most job listings will have the following sections.

  • Job Description
  • Specific Responsibilities
  • Work Environment
  • Training and Advancement
  • Education Opportunities
  • Qualifications
  • After the Navy

Some descriptions are more detailed than others and include video. See Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer for an example of a very detailed job listing.

In most cases, I think you’ll find enough to ensure that the Navy characters in your stories have the proper qualifications for their specialties. This site might also be good for back stories.


Submarine Officer (US Navy 1988, via FedFlix)

Submarine Officer (US Navy 1988, via FedFlix) – http://www.archive.org/details/gov.ntis.ava21384vnb1

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What does the interior of a Navy submarine look like?
  • What are some of the duties of an officer onboard a US submarine?


This 11 minute film shows the interior of a US nuclear submarine and shows some of the variety of duties that a US submarine office could expect.

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