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The Marines in Vietnam, 1954-1973: An Anthology and Annotated Bibliography

The Marines in Vietnam, 1954-1973: An Anthology and Annotated Bibliography. 1974. 277 pp. 1983 reprint. 1985 rev. ed. 373 pp.

(Paper: http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/643660501)
(PDF: Note that this version has 207 pages…may be a different pdf file 8/25/17)


Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What roles did dentists play in Vietnam?
  • What were the French doing in Vietnam prior to 1954?
  • Where can I read about a night ambush on American forces?


The anthology portion of this book is briefly summed up in the preface, with a paragraph of two summarizing an article or closely related group of articles. The articles cover Marine organization and operations in Vietnam from the time the US took over military advice from the French to the eventual withdrawal of US forces.

The bibliography starts on page 357 of the paper book (p. 371 of the pdf file). The bibliography is alphabetical by author (by title if no author given). Each entry’s annotation varies from about one to three sentences. No effort is made at categorizing the entries.

This work will be mostly useful for filling in background on stories taking place in the Vietnam war and for seeing how people deal with a military loss.


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